$5 Uber rides in Manhattan for the next 5 days

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In celebration of Earth Day, Uber is offering $5 rides to start and end a ride below 125th St in Manhattan using UberPOOL…So celebrate your love for our planet by cutting down on carbon emissions and carpooling with Uber!

How do you request an UberPOOL? Open your Uber app and select “UberPOOL” at the bottom of the screen. Enter pick up & drop off locations and press “Request Uber”. Uber may pair you with 1-2 other people heading in the same direction, but you may also get the Uber all to yourself…

Happy Earth Day and Happy Ubering!

Brooklyn Bowl & Brooklyn Brewery Building for Sale!!!

We’ve all had a fabulous drunken bowling night (ok, afternoon) at Brooklyn Bowl and the Brooklyn Brewery. Now you can be their landlord!

What will it cost you? Only $50M.

brooklyn bowl

The beautiful Brooklyn brick building they are located in is now for sale. The Brewery’s lease extends through 2025…Establish a good landlord-tenant relationship, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be thanked with free beer!

brooklyn brewery

Now, that’s the best deal on the market!

Want to Buy Demi Moore’s NYC Penthouse? We have pics!

Demi Moore is asking $75 million for her Penthouse on Central Park West. Size? 7,000 square feet PLUS 1,500 square feet of wraparound terraces!

What else? Incredible views of Central Park, the river and NYC highrises.

Demi bought the penthouse with her ex-husband, Bruce Willis. Location? The San Remo on Central Park West between West 74th & 75th St. Maintenance? $17,912.85.



Manhattan and Brooklyn Are Much Poorer Than You Think

Manhattan and Brooklyn Are Much Poorer Than You Think

Make Moving Out of Your Apartment Easier

Here’s another installment from our friends at Rocket Lease. Rocket Lease provides online rental applications and credit checks for landlords. Read more posts like this one on their new and improved rental blog.

Though Apartable is focused on making finding an apartment an easier and all-around better process, part of finding a new apartment is also moving out of your old one.

In addition to ensuring that the switch goes smoothly, it is important to know how to get the most money back from your old security deposit as possible. Many renters use a good portion of this money for the security deposit/first month’s rent on their new pad.

Here are five things that we here at Rocket Lease recommend to make the moving out process easier:

1. Line Up the Dates – It is almost easier to move out of an apartment and into a new one when the move-out date and move-in date line up. For most people, anything more than a day or two difference makes the entire process a heck of a lot harder. So try to line up the dates as closely as possible. The ideal situation is a move-out and move-in date on the same day so that you can just haul your stuff from one pad to the other.

2. Start Early – A lot of people wait until the last minute to begin packing for a move. This is, of course, all too easy to do. Force yourself to start early and pack a handful of things per day. 

You’ll be thankful when your move-out date arrives.

3. Have Someone There to Help – If you live by yourself, you might already know just how much it sucks to move alone. You should enlist the help of a reliable friend or family member to help you move boxes and especially to lift heavy furniture items. If you don’t have a spacious car (or truck) yourself, you might want to make this a friend who does.

4. Clean Thoroughly – Cleaning thoroughly is the number one thing that you can do to increase the chances of getting all of your security deposit back (as long as there are no major damages to the apartment, of course). Spend some time cleaning the floors and walls and pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen.

5. Plan a Walk-Through – Talk to your landlord and plan a walk-through before you move out of your old apartment. This will ensure that you know exactly what they are charging you for if they decide to subtract any damages from your security deposit.

So – there you have it! Following these five tips should make the apartment move-out process that much easier. Do you have any other tips that might help?

Know Your Rights as a Tenant

A lease agreement protects the landlord’s property, but it also allows for your privacy and ability to fight any allegations a landlord might make. Here are a few things the law requires of landlords and tenants to keep in mind when it is time to sign:

1) Discrimination – It is illegal to deny somebody housing based on their race, nationality, immigrant status, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or occupation. People with children are also protected from discrimination.

2) Security Deposit – You get this back when you move out or within an appropriate amount of time afterwards. The landlord can subtract some from the deposit if they have to repair any damage you caused to the place during your stay. The same goes for any rent you may not have paid. These are the only things your landlord can use your deposit for. You have the right to cancel the agreement and get your deposit back if the apartment isn’t ready by the start date agreed upon.

3) Other Provisions – The rules for the building, and any other terms defined by the landlord, should be clearly stated in the lease agreement. They may not allow pets, for instance. One thing to be aware of is that a landlord can be held liable for any injuries to persons or property due to the landlord’s negligence, even if they write a provisional clause for exemption in this scenario.

4) Breaking the Lease/Subletting – If you move out before the end date specified on your lease you are still responsible for the rent until you or the landlord finds a new tenant. The only way you should sublet your apartment is with written permission from your landlord. As the original signer of the lease you are still responsible for paying the rent, so make sure the person subletting is good for it.

5) Eviction – By law, you must be served with an eviction notice and a court hearing. It is illegal for the landlord to lock you out of your apartment, take any of your belongings or stop essential services like heat or water. They’re not even allowed to set foot in your apartment unless they’ve given prior notice, or have your consent.

6) Safety – Building codes are upheld by the owner to prevent injury or illness to the tenants because of unhealthy conditions. Your apartment should have at least one working smoke detector near each bedroom and at least one carbon monoxide detector. The apartment should also have already been investigated for various hazards, including the need for window guards. 

Being aware of your rights as a tenant ensures a better understanding of the lease agreement a landlord may offer you. Read through it carefully before signing. Ask questions. The more you know about how the landlord conducts their business, the better the time you’ll have living in their building.


This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from WhiteFence.com. She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to: liznelson17 @ gmail.com.

Note: This post is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.